• Traditional oven, parent for all current production family, constantly upgraded in its ancient “recipe” by research and development of employed components.
  • An external metal drawer collects ashes and debris falling from cooking chamber grooves, improves wood combustion and overall hygiene.
  • Ready for gas conversion by installing dome burners (becoming PG-PGi models).
  • A spacious natural stone front shelf improves batching operations.
  • External light mounted on high temperature-proof flexible arm (optional on Standard variants) improves furnace inner visibility while cooking.
  • Raised huge wood rack with detachable sides helps cleaning operations under the oven.
  • A solid metal tubular basement allows oven handling with forklifts.
  • Optional on-site oven assembly is easy when shipped ready to mount.
  • Minimal servicing required.

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FW110, FW130, FW150, FW180


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