• FMR/E ovens are equipped with auxiliary electric heaters, especially designed by Morello Forni, maintenance-free.
  • Combined operation allows using the oven wood-only.
  • Its touch interface allows an easy oven management.
  • “IntelTouch System” control interface allows simple yet evolved oven control, programmed with specific “Morello Forni” Firmware that enable automatic or manual oven operation, and various utilities.
  • The automatic bedplate heaters’ operating system minimizes fuel consumption and reduces need for user attention.
  • The external metal drawer collects falling ashes and fireplace dirt from internal grooves, helps keeping the baking area clean, improves wood combustion and overall hygiene.
  • FMR/E ovens are ready for optional dome gas burner installation.
  • Oven upkeep tasks are less, thanks to its maintenance-free gas electric heaters.
  • Improved thermal stability during operation thanks to combined wood combustion and electric heating system.
  • Steady and improved productivity in comparison with traditional wood ovens.
  • Wood fueled combustion reduces gas exhausts and related air pollution.
  • A spacious natural stone front shelf improves batching operations.
  • External light mounted on high temperature-proof flexible arm improves furnace inner visibility while cooking.
  • Raised huge wood rack with detachable sides helps cleaning operations under the oven.
  • A solid metal tubular basement allows oven handling with forklifts.
  • Optional on-site oven assembly is easy when shipped ready to mount.
  • Minimal servicing required.

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FMR/E100, FMR/E110, FMR/E130, FMR/E150


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